Olympia 005 (2)The Sustainable Harvest Sector is a cooperative of fishing vessels operating from ports throughout New England. We harvest seafood, primarily groundfish such as cod, haddock, and flounder, from the Gulf of Maine, Georges Bank, and southern New England waters.

We operate under strict regulations – both federally mandated, and additional rules enacted voluntarily by our membership – to ensure that we harvest responsibly and do not exceed catch limits designed to prevent overfishing.

Members of the Sustainable Harvest Sector provide well-paying jobs to hundreds of fishermen and seafood industry employees working on shore. Each year our membership harvests tens of millions of dollars of fresh seafood, resulting in nearly $100 million of GDP to the economy of the United States.

Fishing is one of America’s first and most vibrant industries, and we are committed to ensuring our fishermen continue to sustainably harvest seafood for the benefit of the American consumer.